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Community Rebranding

Lubbock was once a small trading town, but that was a long time ago, back when the buffalo roamed. A lot’s changed since then. It had to.

You see, our location meant we couldn’t just copy other places. It wasn’t going to work that way on the South Plains of West Texas. We had to develop our own way of being. And so the ones who made it in Lubbock’s early days were the ones who challenged the status quo and created their own opportunities. That spirit lives on.


We don’t do things the way they’ve always been done, just because they’ve always been done that way. If we did, the world wouldn’t have Buddy Holly, NASA scientists, or weatherproof cotton, to name a few.

We’ve never been people that play it safe. Why would we start now? They say that fortune favors the bold. We say fortune favors Lubbock. It’s in our blood to build new ways forward. Let’s celebrate that and see it in each other so the world does too.

Download your Lubbock Community License Agreement and Logo

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LBK Community Brand FAQs

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

A: It’s a way to identify what makes a community special, and to put words to what is usually an intangible feeling. A community brand is a uniquely crafted idea and symbol of pride that can be used to represent a diverse group of people who share a region—a home. In our case, this brand is for everybody in and around Lubbock, Texas. People who live, work, and play here. Who understands how special this area is.

A: This community branding effort was funded and led by a group local business leaders representing a variety of industries including education, supermarket, banking, media, healthcare, and energy. The Chamber staff organized and coordinated the efforts.

A: Lubbock continues growing, and with every new person, business, or idea, comes endless possibilities that drive our city’s narrative to a place of undeniable strength and prosperity. In order to share with residents—both new to Lubbock, and those who grew up here—how strong our community truly is, a clear brand that both unifies the city and allows for individualism, is just what is needed. This brand is a way to rally the masses and build pride in our city like never before.

A: The community brand project began more than a year ago when an agency with deep expertise in community branding was hired – Civic Brand. The process included research and engagement, brand audit, strategy, design, and messaging. The team worked to ensure every corner of Lubbock was listened to through the comprehensive community survey, interviews, and focus groups.

A: LBK has long been used within the city as a shorthand way of identifying it. It’s something that already existed. For this reason, it seemed only right to keep what had been organically created by the locals.

A: This was funded by private businesses within the community.

A: Yes! As long as you adhere to the required brand guidelines designed to maintain strong brand integrity, all local businesses and sole proprietors are encouraged to utilize the community branding materials on print materials or digital content at no cost or fee.

A: Absolutely! The community branding logo was designed to be universally flattering. Its color can be changed as needed to complement other brands’ colors.

A: If you are interested in promoting this campaign, here are a few ways to join our mission. 

  • Add #PoweredByLBK to your social media bio. 
  • Download our logo and use it in your business’s branding. 
  • Place our Powered by LBK decals on your business’s storefront.
  • Share our brand video on all of your social media accounts.

A: Being a part of the community as a whole and showing your pride in that community is always a great way to build trust with your local clientele. Customers like knowing that their favorite shop or restaurant is locally owned and/or operated. If you produce products, then utilizing the brand logo on your packaging takes that Lubbock pride wherever that packaging goes. Our residents have the potential to grow our businesses beyond Lubbock’s borders, and this will help them do that.

A: Please contact LEDA for any questions or concerns you may have.

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